Q&A Service

 ’Things escalated little by little. There are many things I haven’t told anyone.’ -Heidi

Sometimes, it is easier to write about your concerns than talk about them. Things also usually get clearer to yourself when you write them down.

You can write Women’s Line’s Q&A service when you wish to tell about the violence or the threat of violence you have experienced or ask about services available in your home region or what kind of help you can get with your own coping.

You don’t have to think about whether what you have experienced should be categorized as mental suppression, physical abuse, sexual harassment or a rough domestic fight. Everyone is capable of acting violently – your current or former spouse, your neighbor or someone you have never met. It is enough that you are concerned. We value each message and phone call that we receive.

Your message will be answered by a volunteered woman trained by Women’s Line. All messages are confidential and no one else will be able to read them. You can collect the answer to your message with your personal user name within 10 days after you have sent the message.

You can send a new message anonymously, collect the answer to your question or continue writing the message you haven’t yet finished.

Protect your privacy!

We recommend that you use the privacy mode or incognito mode on your web browser when sending us a message.


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  1. Type a user name of your choosing and press ‘continue’.
  2. The system will give you a password. Remember to write down your user name and password.
  3. Write your message into the textbox. You can also use headlines in your messages.
  4. When the message is finished, press ‘send’. If you wish to continue writing the message later, press ‘save and continue later’.
  5. We will answer your message as soon as possible, at the latest within 10 days. You can read the answer with your user name and password by clicking ‘Collect the answer’. The system will automatically destroy all messages 60 days after they have been sent.