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Helpful Connections


There are many places and organizations where you can get help to survive violence. We have listed some of them here.



Help for Women

Family Shelters offer residence and security for women suffering of domestic violence nationwide.

Tukinainen – Rape Crisis Centre gives help to sexual assault or abuse victims their family and friends.

Mother and Child Homes and Shelters help young families to lead independent lives. They also offer places to stay to those in need.

The Finnish Association for Mental Health provides nationwide help and support for people in various crisis situations.

The Lutheran Church of Finland offers conversational help in its family counseling centres. 

Seta ry is a Finnish nationwide non-governmental lesbian/bi/gay/trans rights organization that offers information, support and guidance.


For Immigrant Women

MONIKA - Multicultural Women's Association in Finland offers support and guidance in several languages for immigrant women and children who have experienced violence. 

Väestöliitto (The Family Federation) offers family services and multicultural activities as well as counseling.

Refugee Advice Centre is a non-governmental organization that provides legal aid and advice to asylum seekers, refugees and other foreigners.

Suomi.fi provides information about Finnish Public Services.

Finnish Immigration Service offers information on immigration principles and practices applied in Finland.

Ombudsman for minorities is an authority that helps with  the status and legal protection for ethnic minorities and foreigners as well as equality, non-discrimination and good ethnic relations in Finland. 

Multicultural Association Familia club ry is an association for intercultural couples and families. It provides guidance, support groups and information for couples with different backgrounds.



Sexual Violence

Tukinainen - Rape Crisis Centre helps victims of sexual assault or abuse and their friends and family.



Legal Help and Public Services

Emergency Number in Finland is 112. The phone call to emergency number is free of charge and the number works also without sim-card in mobile phones

RIKU - Victim Support Finland offers free legal consultation, guidance and support for crime victims and witnesses. Helpline 0203 16118 (Mon-Wed 15-28), legal advice 0203 16117 (Mon-Thu 17-19).

Lawyer on Call in the Feminist Association Unioni gives free advice on legal matters. (Site in Finnish and Swedish)

Tukinainen - Rape crises Centre is for everyone who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. Tukinainen offers free legal consultation and information on phone and in person.  0800 - 97895 (Mon - Thu 13-16)

Legal Aid - the state offers aid to pay for partial of whole legal costs for those with low income.

Finnish Police's site on How to report an offence .

Finnish Police's site on How to get a restraining order .

Public Legal Aid Offices offer legal aid. You can contact them to find out if you are entitled to legal aid. 

The Finnish Bar Association - all Finnish Advocates (in Finnish asianajaja) are members of The Finnish Bar Association.



Accommodation and housing  

Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) offer housing benefits.

Family Shelters nationwide offer temporary accommodation for women suffering of domestic violence. 

Mother and Child Homes and Shelters offer support and residence for young families.

Youth Emergency Shelters of Finnish Red Cross offer help and support in difficult situations young people under the age of 19 and their families.



Divorce and separation

Duo-project gives support for transcultural families.

The Finnish Bar Association - all Finnish Advocates (in Finnish asianajaja) are members of The Finnish Bar Association. 

Public Legal Aid Offices offer legal aid for those entitled to legal aid.  



Honour Related Violence

Kitke! is a project of Finnish League for Human Rights. It is aimed at preventing  honour related violence.



International Links

Epacvaw (European Policy and Action Centre on Violence against Women) is an international NGO working to achieve equality between women and men through the elimination of all forms of male violence against women.

Hot Peaches Pages is an international directory of  domestic violence agencies

World Report on Violence and Health by WHO

Recommendation on Violence against Women by Council of Europe.