Women’s Line 0800 02400

Fridays 16-20 o’clock

‘It felt wonderful to be able to speak without being judged. It was a significant relief. I should have called the service years ago before the situation got this bad. Before, I didn’t even know that a service such as Women’s Line exists, so this was truly a find. Thank you!’ – feedback from a caller

Women’s Line is meant for every woman and girl suffering from abuse, threats or fear. Volunteered women trained by Women’s Line answer the phone. All calls are confidential and free-of-charge.

You don’t have to think about whether what you have experienced should be categorized as mental suppression, physical abuse, sexual harassment or a rough domestic fight. Everyone is capable of acting violently: your current or former spouse, your neighbor or someone you have never met. You can also call us if you are concerned about a loved-one. It is enough that you wish to discuss matters of violence.

We are on your side. We will listen to you. If you need advice we are qualified to help you: we will give you safety instructions and help you to find assistance in your home region.

When calling us, you decide how much you wish to tell about yourself. Your phone number will never come to our knowledge and no phone calls will be recorded. When calling from Finland, all phone calls made to Women’s Line are free-of-charge and they will not appear in your phone bill.

‘Thank you. Calling the service helped me to clear my thoughts. I haven’t had the nerve to call any friends or relatives because I am so ashamed of once again being the victim.’ – feedback from a caller

Women’s Line 0800 02400

in English on Fridays 16-20,
in Finnish from Mondays to Fridays 16-20.

Sometimes our lines are busy. Please do not get discouraged by this but call us again! You can also contact us online.

For Women. Against violence. Now and forever. Women’s Line.